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turning aa for real

on my way to AA na nga to.
I dont know what the drink for day is just yet but here i am with a glass of rum coke and 8 packs of mini cloud 9.

ewan ko lang. but it seems i can't get through the day without having a shot of something with alcoholic content. Yesterday i made this horrible concoction with my AA kit and drank the gaddamn thing anyway.

It had chocnut, mint, lime and gin i think.. tapos may ice tea pa..

Today I'm sluggish with my period, nakakasteady ang sugar at rum. so i'm glad we have this club..

we're crazy people with a cause. hahaha not necessarily good but how could something so good be so bad?


tsk tsk..

this is scary. hahaha

yet fun. :)

Day 7: English Cocktail

1.5 shots gin
7.5 shots coke
0.5 lim juice.

"Saksak niyo lang sa baso and enjoy." -Peter
"You know what, I don't need your apology." -Mikey

Day 6: Empress Cherry

Emperador & Black Cherry Summit Flavored Water. bow.

Day 5: Pop My Cherry

Day 5: Pop My Cherry

1 J Baileys (or 1/2 J GranMa, 1J Coffee with cream)
1/2 J Cherry Rhum (you may use actual cherry na crushed or cherry flavoring or Ventolin cough syrup...joke..unless may ubo ka..haha)
1/4 J White Rhum

Fill mixer with crushed ice. Pour all ingredients together. Shake. Pour over a glass half filled with crushed ice. Top with cherry.
yey yey yey.

wala lang. pwede nako magpost!


Day 3

Day 3:

7-11 version:
2 jiggers C2 strawberry
1 jigger Gin premium
1 slice lime

The kanto version:
2 jiggers C2 apple
1 jigger Gin bilog
1/2 calamansi

Mix C2 with the gin. Add a few drops of lime or calamansi. Wala pa palang pangalan tong drink na to.

Day 2: Mojito

Day 3: Mojito

3 fresh mint sprigs
2 tsp sugar
3 tbsp fresh lime juice
1 1/2 oz light rum (Tanduay white)
club soda or 7-up

In a tall thin glass, crush part of the mint with a fork to coat the inside. Add the sugar and lime juice and stir thoroughly. Top with ice. Add rum and mix. Top off with *chilled* club soda (or seltzer). Add a lime slice and the remaining mint, and serve.

Or you could order it at Tomatokick or Mogwai. Do not drink with Red Horse.

Day 4: Cafe Royal

Warm Wine Glass, and Small Bowl (ingat sa microwave)
10 oz (halos isang baso) brewed coffee (french roast sana)
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1 cube sugar (or 1 teaspoon sugar na lang ulit)
1 1/2 Jiggers Brandy (Grand Ma)

Pour hot coffee in the heated wine glass. Stir in half teaspoon sugar to dissolve. Place the sugar cube in a small warm bowl and add brandy. Ignite brandy and immediately pour into coffee, allowing flames to burn off alcohol. Stir into the hot coffee.

"Walang masusunugan ng kilay ha." --Mara


Nahilo ako because silly me used a tall big glass, wowza! OK keep 'em coming!

No. 1: Hello 2008 Drink

2 parts coke, 1 part rhum, 1/2 teaspoon calamansi (1 teaspoon lemon), 1 dash of cinnamon.

"Pag walang cinnamon, rhum coke na lang to commemorate 2007's drunken awakening."-Mara